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Humans need air in order to live. Organizations need inclusion to ensure all people are able to equitably advance. Aerodei is about taking inclusion efforts to new heights with no limitations.

When we become Aerodei-namic, we can push through the inequitable forces and systems of the past to create inclusive systems of the future. We can reach a place where every individual of an organization can soar, be heard, and propel within their career.


Understand Employee Sentiment

Empower your organization with insights into employee sentiment and gain a deeper understanding of their concerns through precise measurement and comprehensive reporting. Aerodei leverages advanced AI models to provide your leadership with tailored recommendations and actionable next steps to enhance employee feedback and drive continuous improvement.


Recognize Performance

Celebrate and appreciate the hard work and achievements of employees in real-time. You can easily acknowledge outstanding contributions, highlight milestones, and foster a culture of engagement.

Employee Goals

Assign Goals to Foster Collaboration & Alignment

Each KPI has associated goals to be carried out by every employee within the organization.

Goals are auto-assigned and individuals working on the same goal can connect with their Goal Group promoting cross-functional collaboration and alignment.

Employee KPI MobileEmployee KPI Mobile
Realtime Data
Real-Time Data

Track Employee Identity & Intersectionality Between Teams

Go beyond traditional demographic analysis like gender, race, ethnicity, by considering caregivers, sexual orientation, non/degree status, place of birth and more, while also tracking various intersectionalities across departments, teams, and levels and show percentage increase over time.


At Aerodei, we believe every employee within an organization is responsible for driving measurable DEI efforts where all backgrounds and experiences advance within their careers.


Innovation and productivity are at their peak when thinkers of all backgrounds, genders, races, and ethnicities are given an opportunity to co-create


Retention and engagement soar when team members actively work to consider others and create spaces for all to participate and grow


Creating opportunities for every employee to develop new skill sets, build meaningful relationships, and advance within their careers is essential to employee retention


Setting expectations for every employee to take ownership of a DEI goal creates a resounding effect impacting every aspect of an organization


Quantifying the outcomes of employee-led DEI efforts leads to greater results year after year

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Quote from Cision

Leveraging AI to advance inclusion frameworks

Cision is thrilled to join Aerodei as an early adopter and engage in a platform that will bring new insights that align with our broader diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Through this partnership, we can measure engagement and bring data to the forefront of how we drive real-time actions that make a difference for our associates. We are excited for what’s ahead and look forward to sharing how Aerodei is supporting us along our journey.

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Unlock unparalleled insights into employees’ workplace experience, performance, and organizational trends, while receiving actionable strategies powered by Aerodei AI.