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Benefits for Employers

Enhance operational efficiency, bolster staff commitment, boost financial outcomes and more with Aerodei.

Increase productivity, retention, employee engagement, revenue impact.

Benchmark progress on Inclusion goals.

Improve your inclusion score and compare with other organizations in your industry.

Win RFPs, contracts, and awards with concrete data points.

Access analytics and generate reports for compliance audits.

Understand intersectional employee demographic data for benefits alignment.

Employer Benefits

Benefits for Employees

Elevate your professional journey by fostering career progression and work alongside diverse teams to fortify and expand your skill repertoire.

Advance career growth and development.

Share identity safely and anonymously.

Collaborate with other teams and enhance your skill sets.

Participate in stronger support networks.

Be evaluated fairly without bias.

Have fun building new behaviors and flexing new muscles.

Employee Benefits

Where  Are You In Your Inclusion Journey?



Your organization is aware of the importance of inclusion goals but has little engagement from employees. 1% or less of leaders identify as members from systemically overlooked populations (Black+, Latiné+, Asian+, Indigenous+, women-identifying, LGBTQIA+-identifying), and 1% or less of your operational budget is allocated to Inclusion goals.



Your organization's intention is to commit to Inclusion efforts by hiring a DEI leader who manages a small budget and leads Employee Resource Group heritage months activities and facilitates external speakers and networking events. The result is only 5% of employees that are actually engaged and 1% or less of your operational budget is allocated to Inclusion goals.

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All members of your organization are taking action toward inclusion efforts. Your organization utilizes Aerodei to engage 100% employees in measurable actions that allow them to see the results of their impact in real-time and more than 3% of your total operational budget is allocated to Inclusion efforts.

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