Cision is Officially an Aerodei Early Adopter

Cision is Officially an Aerodei Early Adopter

We are excited to announce that Cision is officially an Aerodei Early Adopter. Cision is a media software company serving over 75,000 clients with their public relations and communications software platform and has 6000+ employees.

Cision understands the value of utilizing a gamified platform that measures the impact of every employee’s DEI efforts and offers accurate demographic data. Moving forward with the Aerodei platform was a no-brainer for them.

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Jasmin Zamora (she/her), Head of DEI at Cision said, “We are thrilled to join Aerodei as an early adopter and engage in a platform that will bring new insights that align with our broader diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Through this partnership, we can measure engagement and bring data to the forefront of how we drive real-time actions that make a difference for our associates. We are excited for what’s ahead and look forward to sharing how Aerodei is supporting us along our journey.“

If you believe every employee within an organization is responsible for driving measurable DEI efforts where all backgrounds and experiences advance within their careers, then sign up for updates on and we will connect with you.

Aerodei’s gamified platform ignites DEI efforts by measuring the impact of every employee through gamification and cross-functional collaboration. Aerodei encourages self-id and offers real-time demographic data across all levels, functions, and departments!

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