From Affirmative Action to Aerodei: A Paradigm Shift for Organizations

From Affirmative Action to Aerodei: A Paradigm Shift for Organizations

In recent news, a groundbreaking affirmative action decision has reinforced the importance of equitable practices in our society. This landmark ruling serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our lives, including the workplace. While the U.S. Supreme Court decision will impact universities and colleges, the decision to have a chilling impact on DEI efforts in the private sector.

The extreme methods that our federal institutions have taken to curb the rights of people who have been historically marginalized, whether the Black or LGBTQIA+ community, can, unfortunately, result in C-suites weakening their commitment to DEI if the recent pullback of corporate Pride efforts is any indication.

Remember, all those innovative development programs have created a more diverse slate of leaders. Gone. Your Learning & Development team launched that great leadership academy in the summer of 2020. Vanished. Or worse, your entire DEI department, including your employee resource groups (ERGs), phased out.

The fight to make DEI a core tenant of corporate life will require a powerful, efficient, and innovative weapon.

Aerodei is ready.

At Aerodei, we firmly believe that embracing diversity and fostering equal opportunities is not just a legal requirement but a moral imperative. Let us champion fairness, representation, and inclusion within our organizations and beyond. We need to get in the game and make sure EVERYONE can win.

We want to ensure everyone, from the newest intern to your most senior executive, utilizes Aerodei to ensure that corporations are a bastion and an example of inclusive decision-making.


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