The Overlooked Role of Employees in Achieving DEI Goals: Accountability Begins with Ownership

The Overlooked Role of Employees in Achieving DEI Goals: Accountability Begins with Ownership

51% of DEI leaders cite leadership failing to take ownership for driving DEI outcomes, according to a Gartner, Inc. report.

Failure to enforce accountability of leaders who fall short creates a trickle-down effect, with employees often mirroring this indifferent behavior and attitude of indifference. When the workforce feels a greater responsibility for outcomes, they take more initiative. However, a critical issue persists – the lack of employee ownership in DEI commitments. To truly instigate accountability, we must first imbue every employee with a sense of ownership. Aerodei enables employees to witness the tangible impact of their efforts.

  • The Missing Step to Embed DEI into Company Culture:

While organizations earnestly implement DEI initiatives, sustainability is compromised without clearly defining expectations for each employee’s role in shaping company culture. These expectations need to be communicated consistently throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Before accountability can be effectively established, individuals must be given a stake in the process. It is critical that employee behaviors and accountability align with touted corporate values (i.e. oftentimes 'inclusion and developing a sense of belonging'). Otherwise, a culture of mistrust and performative DEI permeates.

  • The Essence of Ownership:

In the context of DEI, ownership goes beyond mere participation in a bias training.

In DEI reports, we often see this metric shared:


Yet, in a meta-analysis conducted by Harvard Business Review, of more than 490 studies involving some 80,000 people, the psychologist Patrick Forscher and his colleagues found that Unconscious Bias training did not change biased behavior because there is no follow through or intentional efforts to put learnings into practice.

At Aerodei, we challenge organizations to reconsider the impact by asking:

Have you communicated actionable feedback and guidance to put learnings into practice?

What outcomes and culture shifts have resulted from these trainings?

How are you measuring organizational impact?

We must empower employees to achieve tangible results by tracking inclusivity metrics aligned to organizational goals, which should also be a component of performance reviews.

  • Real-time Impact Measurement:

Aerodei stands out as a beacon of change in the DEI landscape. By providing a technological platform that offers real-time metrics and cross-collaboration, employees can now see the quantifiable impact of their contributions. This transparency not only reinforces the significance of their efforts but also fosters a sense of responsibility and engagement in actively shaping an inclusive organizational culture.

  • Why Aerodei is a Game-Changer:

Aerodei's innovative technology bridges the gap between intention and impact in Inclusion and Belonging initiatives. The platform enables employees at all levels to access and contribute to specific goals, offering a unique opportunity for active participation. The real-time feedback loop allows individuals to witness the immediate effects of their actions, creating a powerful connection between their efforts and the overarching Inclusion objectives and collaborate with employees throughout the organization with the same goal.

  • The Result: Empowered Employees, Thriving Inclusive Culture:

As employees become owners of the Inclusion and Belonging process, a transformative shift occurs within the organization. Aerodei's technology not only empowers employees but also cultivates a sense of collective responsibility, fostering a workplace where diversity is not just celebrated but actively pursued.

By addressing the missed step in DEI culture, organizations can pave the way for a future where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just ideals but ingrained principles that drive success at every level.

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