Unqork Case Study

Unqork Case Study
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Why Unqork Chose Aerodei:

Unqork, a FinTech platform committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, recognized the need to quantify the impact of its DEI initiatives across all business segments. Despite a strong foundation in DEI, the organization faced challenges in measuring results of its inclusion efforts that went beyond employee demographics. Furthermore, ongoing internal leadership and organizational changes directly affected employee engagement. Seeking a way to restore trust and enhance the employee experience, Unqork decided to implement Aerodei, to help effectively measure and optimize the outcomes of their inclusion programs.

How Unqork Advanced Inclusion Efforts with Aerodei:

In July 2023, Unqork introduced Aerodei to all (~500) employees with goals focused on improving retention and engagement. The platform enabled Unqork to identify and establish four key performance indicators and track progress against them. Over the first six months, employees used Aerodei to track their activities and impact, providing leaders with real-time indicators of employee engagement.

Unqork’s External Business Impact with Aerodei:

Customer Acquisition and Proposal Success:

  • Increase in Customer Acquisition (10%): Unqork's focus on DEI, facilitated by Aerodei, contributed to a 10% increase in new customer acquisition. Clients valued the organization's commitment and tracking of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and focus on increasing employee engagement, influencing their decision to choose Unqork during the vendor selection process.
  • Successful Proposal Win (8 Million Dollar RFP): Unqork's quantified DEI outcomes, driven by Aerodei, played a key role in winning an 8 million dollar RFP. The client chose Unqork based on its alignment with their diversity and inclusion values that are important to the citizens they serve. 

Leadership Recruitment:

  • Efficient Time-to-Fill for Senior Leadership (30 Days Instead of 45 Days): Unqork's use of Aerodei streamlined senior leadership recruitment, reducing time-to-fill by 15 days. The goal-setting features focused on manager accountability and training contributed to this efficiency, enhancing the overall recruitment process.

Employee Testimonials and Inclusive Software Creation:

  • Employee Testimonials: Employees consistently praised Unqork's ERGs and DEI programs, facilitated by Aerodei+ consulting services, as influential factors in their decision to join the organization. This positive employee experience contributes to a vibrant culture.
  • Inclusive Software Creation: Aerodei's role in fostering an inclusive lens in software creation ensures that Unqork's solutions cater to diverse user needs, enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction.

Unqork’s Internal Results with Aerodei:

In just six months of Aerodei’s implementation of its goal setting features, cross-functional collaboration feature, and gamification, Unqork witnessed remarkable internal results:

  • 6% Uptick in Retention: Aerodei contributed to a 6% increase in Unqork's retention rate over six months.
  • Employee-driven Retention: 40% of employees actively worked on retention efforts, resulting in a commendable 92% retention rate for the last two quarters of 2023.
  • Increased Engagement: 83% of employees engaged in internal community efforts opposed to the 48% prior to using Aerodei, resulting in increased participation in Unqork’s nine ERGs and related activities.
  • 20% Uptick in Career Progression: Career development received a boost, with a 20% increase in the promotion of employees.
  • Crucial Self-ID Insights: 97% of employees self-identified within the first month using Aerodei, providing invaluable insights across demographics. This data informed inclusive benefits for caregivers and healthcare access for LGBTQIA+ individuals.
  • Learning and Development: A third of employees focused on Learning and Development, leading to a 20% uptick in senior-level promotions for individuals from marginalized groups.

Employee and Leadership Feedback:

Unqork employees and leaders provided positive feedback on Aerodei's simplicity, particularly its goal-setting capabilities. The platform improved clarity on the vision for diversity and inclusion, ensuring employee actions were impactful and aligned with organizational objectives. The transparency provided by Aerodei fostered motivation and engagement, rebuilding trust with the organization.


Unqork's strategic use of Aerodei has not only facilitated the measurement of DEI outcomes, but has also driven positive business impact. By providing managers a tool and framework focused on tracking everyday actions, a level of accountability was instilled across departments and teams boosting employee engagement. From customer acquisition to employee engagement, the case study illustrates how Aerodei contributes to Unqork's success in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

For more information on how to leverage Aerodei to drive similar results for your organization, please contact hello@aerodei.com and visit www.Aerodei.com.


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