What Do Aerodei, Barbie, and Tiffany & Co. Have in Common?

What Do Aerodei, Barbie, and Tiffany & Co. Have in Common?


Today, I want to share my reflections on the powerful message conveyed in the Barbie (2023) movie and how it resonates deeply with our mission here at Aerodei.

The Barbie movie, emphasizing traditional brands evolving with time, strikes a chord with our commitment to inclusion. Just as Barbie's narrative evolves to reflect the changing times and embrace inclusivity, so does our approach at Aerodei. Progress is achieved when we challenge the status quo and ensure everyone feels heard.

The movie's themes are the systemic challenges that persist in our society. It reinforces the urgency of our mission to dismantle barriers and advocate for gender equality. At Aerodei, we are steadfast in our pursuit of empowering everyone, ensuring they receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

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Color psychology can help leaders find the right hue. For instance, Aerodei, the New York City-based gamified platform that measures employee impact and DEI goals, landed on a bright yellow--a color that communicates a "sense of hope and empowerment" but also analytical thinking, says CEO Netta Jenkins. Our platform is a beacon of inclusivity aligning with the movie's message of embracing change and inclusivity. Aerodei is at the forefront of cultivating a culture of fairness within organizations. By leveraging data-driven insights, we enable companies to confront pay disparities, address unconscious biases, and cultivate inclusive environments that foster growth and success for all.

Together, we can lead the way toward greater progress. Let us take the lessons from the Barbie movie to heart and continue to drive meaningful change in our workplaces and beyond. Each step we take brings us closer to a future where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is the norm, and every voice is heard.Thank you for being part of our Aerodei family, where we strive for a better, more equitable world.

With gratitude,

Netta Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer, Aerodei

Unlocking New Features on Aerodei's Gamified Platform

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest features on. Aerodei's gamified platform is a game-changer in the fight for equal pay for all women, particularly on a day like Black Women's Equal Pay Day. With its innovative approach, Aerodei empowers organizations to identify and address pay disparities disproportionately affecting Black women and other marginalized groups. By integrating data-driven metrics and comprehensive analytics, Aerodei facilitates a transparent and unbiased evaluation of pay scales, ensuring that every employee's contributions are rewarded equitably, regardless of gender or race. Through this transformative platform, we are taking significant strides towards a future where equal pay becomes a reality for all women, narrowing the wage gap and fostering a truly inclusive and fair workforce for everyone.

Measuring Inclusion's Impact on Profit/Loss:

We understand that inclusion is not just about ticking boxes; they directly impact an organization's bottom line. With our new feature, Aerodei allows businesses to assess how inclusion efforts positively influence profitability and mitigate potential losses. By analyzing financial metrics alongside diversity and inclusion data, organizations can make data-driven decisions that lead to greater business success.

Benchmarking Inclusion Against Industry Standards:

Gauging the effectiveness of inclusion initiatives can be challenging without industry benchmarks. Our new feature equips organizations with the ability to compare their inclusion progress against industry standards. By understanding how they stand with peers, businesses can set realistic goals and ensure continuous improvement

Strengthening Brand and Risk/Compliance:

Inclusion is pivotal in shaping an organization's brand and risk management. Aerodei's advanced tracking system enables companies to monitor and enhance their reputation as an inclusive employers, leading to positive brand perception and improved customer loyalty. Furthermore, by incorporating inclusion metrics into risk and compliance assessments, organizations can mitigate potential legal and reputational risks.

Our gamified platform has been meticulously designed to foster cross-functional collaboration and drive real organizational change. With these new features, Aerodei continues to be at the forefront of innovation, empowering businesses to create truly inclusive workplaces that thrive.


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